Ivan Staeheli

Professional History

Ivan comes from a family of Real Estate and enjoys exposure to many exciting parts of the industry. From prospecting and assembling land, to land use planning and municipal concurrence, to construction and finally to assisting clients in purchasing and selling homes (and land!). “My clients expect to have their bases covered,” says Ivan. “there is so much to watch out for and my clients expect their Realtor to identify risks and plan for worst case scenarios all while getting into a home they love or an investment they are excited about,” He continues. “Each client wants to see a profit, and I treat each and every transaction with that goal at the forefront.” Ivan says his commitment to this approach comes from his experience working with some of BC’s premier residential developers and with three of Canada’s largest public companies. Ivan knows that Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley are among the best places to call home in the entire world. He takes advantage of living in South Surrey with his wife and son by exploring the mountains and lakes across the province on his dirt bike, skis or family boat. He keeps in touch with his Alma Mater, UBC, by coaching developing track and field athletes and participating in the varsity programs fundraising efforts.