Rental Management

The members of the Rental Management Team bring a wealth of experience and professional skills to the table. Our associates pool their resources to formulate and implement the best strategy for each property.

For Tenants:

We carefully select all of our rental properties, offering a large and distinct inventory of high-quality rentals for you. Hugh & McKinnon Rental Managers work on behalf of our owners to match the right applicant with the right property from our available listings. If you see a property that interests you, please fill out our Viewing Request Form, as this is required before a viewing can occur. Once we have your form, our Rental Managers will contact you about securing a home.

For Property Owners:

At Hugh & McKinnon we approach each new property as a unique situation that requires specialization. Securing a suitable and creditworthy Tenant is one of the most important functions we undertake in the rental process.

We offer two types of Rental Management services to meet your needs:
  1. Full Management Service

  2. Leasing Service

Our Rental Managers can help evaluate your requirements and help you to determine what service would be the best fit for yourself and your property.

Full Management

Accounting & Rent Collection

Organize and collect all rents on the 1st day of each month via post-dated cheques or pre-authorized payments. Each month, Hugh & McKinnon provides a detailed monthly financial report, statement of receipts and disbursements, and copies of all paid invoices.


Hugh & McKinnon will strategically market and advertise your property in a manner that focuses on securing the most qualified tenants. We market our properties using a variety of proven and effective methods, including advertising via a strong online presence, on our website and multiple online platforms, and ongoing contact with prospective tenants.

Lease Signing

Once accepted, the prospective tenant signs a lease which includes safeguards for the property owner and complies with the Residential Tenancy Act. On the lease commencement date, our team will conduct a detailed pre-lease condition inspection of the property with the tenant.

Expert Advice

It takes skill and expertise to negotiate a tenancy successfully through to completion, while achieving the best possible price. Through training and experience, our agents offer expert advice on the rental process and your legal obligations as a landlord. The high quality of our rentals and management services mean that many of our tenancies renew beyond the initial term, helping you to minimize vacant periods and maintain your rental income.